Asphalt 9 Caught a hacker in MP using speed hack❗️❗️❗️🤬

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So I was just chilling in MP trying to earn some quick credits (don’t judge my driving skill in this video). Then I came across with this Chinese guy name “Ming” with in game ID “fca1”. We had a race before and I noticed he was going ridiculously quick as u can see it in the mini map! By the time the 1st race finished I didn’t even see him in the map or on my screen. But the time said he only just beat me by less than 1 sec??? I thought something was definitely suspicious here… Then I decided to video record the next race and luckily he is in my MP room again! We were both using the exact same car and my car has higher rank than him with top speed, acceleration & nitro all in MAX PRO (except for handling as u can see at the end of my video). Anyway he had a lightning start as I expected and the speed he was going was just indescribable…. Then again by the time the race finished it shows he only just beat me by less than 1sec when he is not even in the map lol… It’s the most advance speed hack I’ve seen in Asphalt gaming because people can’t take screenshot for evidence with his insane lap time! BUT this mofo obviously didn’t expect me to have recorded this shit so now everyone knows he used speed hack in MP! 🧐

Screenshots of Ming

Some little info about this guy. He is the leader of a club name “Lucky” and currently in the top of Android club leader board with 891K reputation points and his own reputation level is 60!!! That’s the highest I’ve seen while most other hardcore players are at like 30~50 max. Remember this game has only just soft launched in Android platform for 3weeks… I’m not sure if Gameloft even know about this hack. But there u go here is all the evidence u need to know! Also his car didn’t blink so he doesn’t have wifi lagging issue.

Race information including
My Samsung Galaxy S9+ (UK version)
My current Las Vegas (USA)
Race 1:14pm PDT 9th June 2018
Internet WIFI Good with no lag!

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