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After making and release my DELTARUNE hacks (Mod Menu), I decided to do the same for Asphalt 9: Legends. This time, I came with only few hacks that aren’t that much fun, but it is something.

Tesla Overlay is a overlay loader that can load apps, sysmodules, cheats, mini games, system information, overclocking abilities, FPS counter etc… Those are separated features, Tesla has no features by default. You can download those by googling them up, downloading the OVL file and put them inside of switch➡️.overlays!

EdiZon has a overlay for Tesla so we can enable and disable cheats in game without needing to go to EdiZon in HB Launcher. This is crazy! And yes, this is considered a Mod Menu.

So, as I said above, I only made few cheats and they aren’t that much fun but they are something. I gotta tell that they are kinda useless, just smth you can mess around if you want. I wish I know how to make pointers because if I did, I’d include All Nitros Are Purple Nitros and Propulsion 10 Used Amount Increaser, two cheats I made on EdiZon but couldn’t load them in the menu because the game changes the address everytime the game restarts and the only way to make them load is making pointers, smth that I don’t know how to do YET… If I manage to make it, I might update the video and menu.

The cheats included in the package
* Spazz of Death (You’ll spin and spazz like crazy, going very high in the air and even out of the track. Just a random chaotic thing I made, I like it xD – Will not work if Everlasting 360 is enabled)
* Everlasting 360 (This will make your 360 never ends, in certain terrains or cars, it can end. This can also make your nitro last forever but like usual, you’re slow when spinning – Bugs gravity a bit, do not use it on those purple ramps or else you won’t spin)
* Ghost AI’s (Very interesting one, this will make AI’s very They can go thru you, walls, sometimes drive out of the course, sometimes will fly and they cannot be takendown. They will have no shadow and their wheel won’t spin, giving a real ghost effect)
* Dumb AI’s / Wall Scratch AI’s (This will make AI’s always drift and not only that, they’ll force themselves to go to walls, so they’ll be drifting in walls the whole race. Pretty funny)
* AI’s Lag The Game (If racing with AI’s, the game will be very laggy, sometimes fully frozen or at 1FPS. Just a random hack :P)

That’s it! Not many as I said. Maybe soon I’ll be able to make pointer and bring more cool hacks 😉

How to install and
Download the ZIP and drag all 3 folders inside of it to the root of your SD card (This will only work if you are up-to-date on Firmware 10.0.0 or higher and Atmosphere). On your Nintendo Switch, to open Tesla Overlay, press B and D-Pad Down at the same time. If you want to change the menu input, follow the guide on EdiZon/Tesla Discord server.

That’s it, thanks for watching and subscribe for more modding and hacking!

Open -> Asphalt 9 Legends Online Generator