Asphalt 9 This is the REAL TELEPORTATION HACK Let’s learn to detect one

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Asphalt 9 has been plagued with false accusations because people are not aware what a real hack vs connection issue looks like.

This video is to help you guys differentiate a real hack vs just crappy internet. Hope this clarifies a lot of misunderstandings and reduce the number of false positive reports Gameloft has to go through, so they can focus their attention on the REAL cheaters!

Cheers everyone.

Credit to my friend Moad, who was falsely accused of cheating like most players I know on Windows (including myself), and Jay for providing this footage.

Bran Adad – Stranger

Without even losing a single race I entered the Legends League 🔥

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â–ºCars used & their
»Dodge Challenger 392 – 2,144
» 2016 Ford GT – 2,260

»UnRanked – 00:17
»First race – 01:00
»Sliver League – 02:28
»Gold League – 10:08
»Platinum League – 19:55
»Last race – 30:30
»Legend League – 32:22

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Open -> Asphalt 9 Legends Online Generator