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Briefly summarize what I report in my video.
I was referred to by some of my friends, that the Elite Team (Windows) in A9, cheats!
There is no need for proof. Just look at the levels of the players of that team.
Who plays honestly in A9, knows very well that playing honestly, it is impossible to have those levels of reputation.
Only stupid or a corrupt person can deny it.
The really vergonosa thing is that GL has created a custom logo for that team. In this way GL supports a team that inside, has at least 10 out of 20 players cheating, breaking the rules that GL has to all players.
Maybe GL did not notice all this. So now that GL will find out all that, it should ban for life, those players and that team. If GL does not banish these cheaters, the situation would be desperate, because, who requires you to play honestly, is clearly cheating.
Who has never played at A9, has done well.

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Open -> Asphalt 9 Legends Online Generator